Comparing XOOPS to Seagull

Table of Contents

  1. review
  2. conclusion


Since I really like Xoops, it has limitations that made me looking for something like Seagull:

  • Xoops is definitely more a CMS than a framework, of course you can disable a majority of bundled modules, but using Xoops as a framework is really heavy
  • No native multi lingual support. You have to patch core files at EACH version upgrade to keep this function.
  • No native friendly URLs at the moment..(I think) but there is a complicated trick with mod_rewrite (and patch core files again)
  • Pear integration only for DB abstraction layer
  • For each upgrade, need to drop or modify strings into templates as they are for a community usage, not a professional one. ie: "rank" in user info, "comments" in news...
  • making a table free design is a pain as Xoops iterates left /right columns is cells
  • And last but not least: Documentation! (the nightmare of devs ;p) there is a strong support for users but the api doc for programmers is 2 versions old and so light (PHPDoc generated)...


Xoops is better as a cms Seagull is better as a framework

Xoops has by the moment one advantage: production status.