Comments about Seagull PHP Framework

Thank you very much for this wonderful framework. It's really excellent and one of the most useful software I have ever worked with.

Don't get me wrong, the Framework is not flawless, it does have some (minor) problems here and there, so I personally would suggest it to software developers of at least medium level, you don't have to be an expert but if you are a newbie, you may find it difficult to work with. Of course it's not in version 1.0 so some problems are expected.

On the other hand it's a very powerful system and in no time you will have an excellent platform to build your sites/ Web applications.

The major advantage is its CMS functionality, other Frameworks don't offer such unique advantages. Its major weakness is its lack of detailed documentation.

-- Solon, Cyprus (Jul 2007)

I was 2 months into creating my own framework when I found Seagull. Upon discovery I tossed my framework in the recycle bin and after examining Seagulls' code I empty the recycle bin.

-- Laszlo Horvath, Serbia (Feb 2007)

I would just like to say that in 5 years of using various !Frameworks/CMSs, Seagull is one of the most cleanly programmed I have ever encountered. Thank you for your hard work.

-- Chris Dwyer, Canada (May 2006)

First of all I'd like to thank you for wonderful framework. Finally, I found a solution I've been trying to implement myself for months. It combines all my thoughts about ideal framework together. It is like a feeling I wrote it myself. :-)

Thanks to Seagull I discovered a lot of thing I've never known before and my "development knowledge" have increased in times, when I started to learn how the framework is structured and how it works.

-- Dmitry Lakachauskis, Latvia (Mar 2006)

Guys, this is definitely my frame work~!!! A frame work with a friendly community which answers questions within hours?!?! Modern programming, PHP 5 ready?!?! Just what i was searching for!!! (Too many '!?' Sorry, but this is the best thing that happened to me for a long time :D )

-- Georg, Austria (April 2005)

Having to create an e-commerce Web site with little PHP experience, I searched for a good framework to take over low level tasks like security, user management, DB access, etc.

I looked at more than two dozen of PHP framework (this is overwhelming), putting aside those based exclusively on PHP 5 (hosting problem) or using the too popular Smarty (too heavyweight, too much logic in the view layer), forgetting the internationalization side (a problem with some American authors...) or being too big (more time spent on learning to use the framework than on coding the application...).

I chose finally Seagull which address all these issues and more. I was, at first, a bit afraid of its use of Pear (seemingly heavy, lot of dependencies), but since the necessary libraries are bundled with the source, it is actually dead easy to install. And I like the unrestrictive license too.

I managed to take a classical, static HTML site, and make rather quickly a dynamic, XHTML site using mostly the core Seagull (currently no need for the CMS features), since it allows to deactivate the "core" modules you don't need.

It is indeed quite flexible, I adapted it to my needs instead of having to adapt too much to its way of doing stuff. Well, I suppose my needs matched the design choices...

The source code is clear, consistent and well written, it is a pleasure to hack it or to take code snippets here and there to solve some problems. I find it very mature and suited to production use despite its low version number...

Of course, it is not perfect: its permission management, while powerful, is too heavy and need some improvement. Due mostly to Flexy limitations, Seagull still has the MVC layers a bit blurred with some HTML code hard-coded in the core. But this framework is actively developed by lot of good coders and evolves quickly, so I think these issues will be resolved soon.

I must say I don't regret my choice of Seagull. I was able to start quickly, the doc. on the Wiki is clear and quite complete and the mailing list is very helpful. Flexy has some limitations but it is easy to learn and enforces the MVC model. Idem for DB_DataObjects. I also like the original way Seagull manages URLs in a search engine friendly way.

Your mileage and needs may vary but it is a framework worth to consider in a final choice.

-- Philippe Lhoste, France (Nov 2005)

I've released first version of a Contact Relationship Management Tool based on Seagull. I've changed some implementation details of the framework but I keeped the fundamental architecture.

During development I was amazed at the simplicity and modularity of seagull. The inspiration and ideas Seagull gave me have been very useful and have reduced development time.

So I want to thank you for your work with Seagull and your great ideas around this framework.

-- Christian Brell (Oct 2005)