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Replace PHP move_uploaded_file() use in PEAR and TinyFCK

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Although Seagull itself does not use this function, PEAR and TinyFCK do. The problem is that this function does not work the same as a copy()/unlink() due to possible temporary upload directory owner/group permissions differences.

An uploaded file using copy() will have these owner/group permissions:

(webserver user)/(webserver group) ex: nobody/users

One using move_uploaded_file() will have these:

(webserver user)/(directory group) ex: nobody/bin
php.ini upload_tmp_dir or default system $TMP/%TEMP%

The repercussions of this can be that the file can no longer be manipulated by the user (backup, mv, ftp, chmod, etc) if the owner is not in the same group as the temporary upload directory. An example would be /tmp directory with owner/group of bin/bin. Let's hope the webserver is not in the same group as /tmp.

This problem can also effect SimpleTest? usage. It *may* work the same as copy()/unlink() out-of-the-box depending on the system setup, but it *may not*, and that's just not portable.

I propose the following replacement (pseudo-code):

  throw possible upload attack error
else if(!copy($tmpfile, $dest))
  throw copy failure with appropriate error code

These are the current files affected:


I'm not sure how getting this replaced in these external packages works, but a single wrapper replacement function would be nice.

See the many notes at http://php.net/move_uploaded_file for varied other problems reported with this function.

Patch to follow...

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