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Build a glossary for translations

Reported by: aj Assigned to: aj
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Collect all strings from all modules, add metainfo and context info.

Once loaded, duplicate strings or look-alikes could easily be retrieved. Synonyms/homonyms can be located.

The metainfo/context could consist of:

  • where is the string used (module)
  • how is it used (is it a button, or a popup, or plain text)
  • constraints (length restrictions, all characters allowed, abbreviation allowed, hyphenation allowed, etc.)

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03/20/06 05:13:28 changed by aj

  • type changed from defect to enhancement.

03/20/06 05:58:27 changed by lakiboy

How does a result look like? Is it a plain file or WIKI page or something else? Can we now define (before beginnig the work) all constraints, places (button, popup etc)?

03/20/06 13:50:40 changed by demian

Hey AJ

this is an interesting idea, if i understand you right you mean the glossary would be an analysis tool, built up from data extracted from the existing lang files? This would make sense, however i don't think it would be practical to store meta-info *in* the lang files as the idea is to keep them as small as possible.

i understand all your classifications with the exception of 'constraints', AFAIK there is no concept of constraints in the lang files, that is in the valdation domain and the two are not related. Am i missing something?



08/20/06 18:24:05 changed by Davert

We had a discussion on that with lakiboy.

Lang files already contains meta-info.

/*  HOME    */
        'Welcome to' => 'Welcome to',
        'Home' => 'Home',
/*  Publisher subnav */
       'Categories' => 'Categories',
       'Documents' => 'Documents', 


What should be done is that Translation editor in default module could handle all this data. It would be less harder to create well organized translation with good understanding for category srtings belong. It could partly solve problem of using synonyms instead of keywords and wrong translations for short strings.

But maybe it's idea for a new ticket.