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Fix navPreviewMgr

Reported by: rm Assigned to: jcasanova
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Hello, this a list of things we should IMHO fix before releasing 0.6.0:

- page should be moved outside tables

- preview fr navigation is missing, the css classes are here though

- We should reduce the entries of OptionLinks? to workaround visualization problems

cheers, rm

Change History

03/09/06 11:15:56 changed by rm

Better explanation:

1. pager should be moved outside tables

2. there is no more the navbar preview, but related css class are present

3. An image is better than a thousand words: http://trac.seagullproject.org/attachment/wiki/RFC/LookAndFeel/Testing/optionLinks-is-evil.jpg

03/09/06 11:24:48 changed by jcasanova

Riccardo :

  • page: guess you mean pager: already told you I set up a tablePager.html template for displaying paged results links within a table, as no other paged results currently used across adminGui. But we could also add a pager.html template to display paged results links outside table.
  • preview of frontend navigation is missing: yes this has to be enhanced as navPreview uses default_admin css, so it cannot preview frontend one. My thoughts are to include navigation preview in a iframe, with frontend navigation css loaded.
  • reducing number of optionsLinks: first translate strings, you'll see there nearly all fit in one line. Then there are still 2/3 tabs that could easily be removed as soon as moduleConfigMgr is fully functionnal

03/09/06 19:19:22 changed by jcasanova

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  • summary changed from Admin GUI problems to Fix navPreviewMgr to allow preview frontend nav from backend.
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  • milestone deleted.

03/09/06 19:20:33 changed by jcasanova

  • owner changed from somebody to jcasanova.

03/14/06 09:38:39 changed by rm

  • milestone set to 0.6.0.

1. My point is that placing the pager inside a table means that you are using the table for layout purpose. So IMHO there should be only one pager template and outside the table.

3. Unfortunately not for italian :(.

03/14/06 10:33:49 changed by rm

Less talk more code, attached the conversion from in table to out of table pager. If you are fine with these changes we can rename the name of the pager file later.

03/25/06 15:55:20 changed by demian

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Riccardo - i'm marking this as invalid, AFAIK Julien was sayingi it's not a good idea. Feel free to contest this if you have strong feelings, I believe J. is gone for all next week.

03/25/06 19:27:54 changed by anonymous

  • status changed from closed to reopened.
  • resolution deleted.

Julien disagree with first point / patch, third point needs work in moduleConfigMgr to be addressed and second point which is what the title of ticket is about is still valid. So reopened it.

03/31/06 19:13:51 changed by demian

i deleted existing patch as it doesn't apply to outstanding points and so this ticket doesn't show up in report #10 until someone attaches a valid patch.

04/22/06 11:41:29 changed by jcasanova

This ticket is now only for Navigation preview :

Seagull used to build navigation as a postprocess, now navigation is displayed within a block. So IMO, we can't sustain the vertical/multi_level,... menu stylesheets.

However, I would separate block's related CSS rules in a blockStyle.php file, included by style.php (I already done that and will submit patch to be used for new default_theme). Thus if you call the Mainmenu block and give it a .main-nav class attribute, it's easy to have a specific .main-nav set of rules in the blockStyles.php file.

So we could adapt navPreviewMgr to display the specified navigation block in an iframe, with a specific previewNavMaster.html master template, including blockStyle.php as the stylesheet file.

What's your opinions on that?

Cheers, Julien

05/14/06 18:28:10 changed by demian

  • priority changed from low to normal.
  • summary changed from Fix navPreviewMgr to allow preview frontend nav from backend to Fix navPreviewMgr.

this sounds like a good idea, look forward to seeing it with new theme

08/13/06 17:50:45 changed by demian

  • milestone deleted.