Ticket #5 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

when submitting forms with JS, action variable disappears

Reported by: demian Assigned to: somebody
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: SGL Severity: normal
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his appears to be a bug at the browser level,
potentially because of the form element attribute
called 'action' and the property called 'action' conflict.
Radek proposes this fix:
(16:08:12) Radek: Ok I found out the way to omit action
(16:08:45) Radek: you have to give different ids to
form and to hidden action field
(16:08:54) Radek: eg:
document.getElementById('checkoutform').action =
(16:09:57) Radek: and:
document.getElementById('doAction').value =
(16:10:12) Radek: the first one:
document.getElementById('checkoutform').action =
(16:10:31) Radek: so, maybe it will be helpfull for
somebody :)
however I think it would be an idea to rename this var
in the templates to 'doAction' or something similar.