Ticket #395 (new enhancement)

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Rename all templates with managerNameAction.html

Reported by: jcasanova Assigned to: jcasanova
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.1
Component: not categorised Severity: normal
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Rename all templates so they have consistent naming. This will allow to automatically call the appropriate template for every managerName / action combination, e.g. in UserMgr?, action Add, appropriate template is userAdd.html.

In the mean time, remove "name" option from all <form> tags, as "name" option is not allowed in xHTML 1.0 STRICT DOCTYPE.

Be carefull : have to change identification of nodes in all javascript functions. They often identify a node with a document.name, where we will need to identify it with a document.getElementById().

Change History

01/23/06 09:11:43 changed by jcasanova

Auto load could go in SGL_Manager::process() just the one line like so $input->template = $className . $methodName . '.html'; on line 241 (AJ) If really needed, $output->template could be overwritten in manager::methodName()

02/21/06 07:55:19 changed by jcasanova

  • milestone changed from 0.5.6 to 0.7.0.

This will be done in 0.7 as it will break BC.

1. Templates renaming to $className . '_' . $methodName . '.html', i.e. MgrName?_ActionName.html

2. Admin task templates prepend with 'admin_' (already done in 0.5.6)

3. Also cleanup js functions to use document.getElementById instead of document.formName

03/23/08 08:57:19 changed by demian

  • milestone changed from 0.7.0 to 0.9.0 - polishing.

Milestone 0.7.0 deleted

02/26/13 12:40:32 changed by demian

  • priority changed from normal to high.

02/26/13 13:24:14 changed by demian

  • priority changed from high to normal.

02/26/13 13:38:47 changed by demian

  • type changed from task to enhancement.