Seagull PHP Framework: Ticket #24 (Better .htaccess and FleaManager) <p> 1. Seagull could handle 403/404/500 errors 404 is simple. It's the "could not get class name" a redirect to a static 404.html is an idea 500 when you get a fatal error in PEAR Error class. </p> <p> Here we ca use articles (so the page is editable from Publisher) and export/save them to static files to www/404.html for example. </p> <p> 2. of the users who's config allows for .htaccess mods, many will not have mod_rewrite compiled into their setup. </p> <p> Here we can have two .htaccess files (one with mod_rewrite one without) or one with the mod_rewrite lines commented </p> en-us Trac v0.10.4 Seagull PHP Framework werner Sat, 25 Feb 2006 15:54:17 GMT type changed <ul> <li><strong>type</strong> changed from <em>defect</em> to <em>enhancement</em>.</li> </ul> Ticket