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make alerts and other Javascript messages lang independent

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Reported by: rm Assigned to: werner
Priority: normal Milestone: 0.7.0
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Please make the alerts and other messages in javascript language independent!

Change History

10/20/05 18:04:19: Modified by werner

did this already for Document Upload. You can see how it works with Flexy ;)

10/21/05 04:23:46: Modified by demian

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12/18/05 09:18:36: Modified by demian

  • milestone set to 0.5.5.

perhaps we could do this for 3 core modules for starters?

12/23/05 10:59:24: Modified by demian

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01/17/06 10:51:03: Modified by demian

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01/23/06 13:57:33: Modified by demian

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02/25/06 09:51:04: Modified by werner

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