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Left and right block selective caching!

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I have been experimenting with enabling caching on my site. It greatly improves page rendering speed. In some instances, the difference is dramatic.

However, I have a problem with the architecture of block caching. Perhaps, I am misunderstanding it. So apologies in advance. :)

It seems that the blocks are cached per role and per page. In other words, I understand that you share the cache between users with the same role.

Worse, suppose I have blocks that need to be updated at different frequencies than other blocks. For example, I could use the random message block to display a site tip every N impressions, or every impression, or every 10 minutes, whatever. If I have caching on, and the cache life is, say, a day, then I cannot do that.

So, I am thinking I require the following capabilities. I am wondering if other people have thoughts on their usefulness to them.

1. Caching specification should be per block. The block is cached separately from other blocks.

2. The specification should indicate whether it is cached per role, per user, or for everyone.

3. The specification should also indicate the criteria for invaliding the cache. E.g., time, impressions, database query, API call (see 4).

4. There should be an API for invalidating the cache for a specific block (by role, or by user id).

5. The current caching regimen should be preserved for backward compatibility. I.e., any changes to core code, should not require people to fix their sites.

Anyway, apologies for the random thoughts. I would appreciate you thoughts (random or otherwise). :)



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i was thinking of a cache mgr, including some of your suggestions and more

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