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save document so it's not lost on a session timeout

Reported by: mstahv Assigned to: somebody
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Severity: feature request Keywords: session timeout complaints


One of my customers was quite upset after he had typed a long story using seagull and response was something like "Session timed out" when he clicked "Save". Almost one hour job was lost (session timeout was the default 30 minutes).

Some kind of universal solution (to be used in all default and user modules) would be great. Horde has a very nice solution for this (it has sometimes saved me).

I could do this by myself, but I'm very busy right now at least for next two months. So I hope somebody else could find time for this.

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here's one way to do it:


Here is something googled about the issue. If I understood right with quick overview they have actually removed the js solution in new version and now save the message data to session on timeout and return to modifying it after logged back in.

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