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Category manager improvement

Reported by: Rol2000 Assigned to: demian
Priority: highest Milestone: 0.5.4
Component: module - navigation Severity: not categorised
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This is small Category Manager user interface enhancement.


categoryAdd.html (2.2 kB) - added by Rol2000 on 11/16/05 06:59:40.
should be added to \www\themes\default\navigation\
patch.diff (18.3 kB) - added by Rol2000 on 11/17/05 06:04:34.
new patch
patch3.patch (13.7 kB) - added by Rol2000 on 11/17/05 11:06:19.
THIRD patch

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should be added to \www\themes\default\navigation\

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Hi Rol2000 - is this Rolandas? I've applied and committed your patch but there are 2 problems:

1) a notice occurs when you hit the 'add category' button which prevents the page from working:

MESSAGE: Undefined index: parent_id TYPE: Notice FILE: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/seagull/trunk/lib/SGL/Category.php LINE: 114

2) there seem to be no GUI controls to access your CSV functionality

Let me know



11/17/05 06:04:34 changed by Rol2000

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new patch

11/17/05 06:49:29 changed by Rol2000

"Hi Rol2000 - is this Rolandas? "

Hi, yes thats me. I had registered as Rolandas rolandas@baltmedija.lt but did not recieved confirmation email...

"1) a notice occurs when you hit the 'add category' button which prevents the page from working:

MESSAGE: Undefined index: parent_id TYPE: Notice FILE: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/seagull/trunk/lib/SGL/Category.php LINE: 114 "

If you can see in line 114 in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/seagull/trunk/lib/SGL/Category.php

// create new set with first rootnode if ($valuesparent_id? == 0) {

// we want a root node

$this->_nestedSetNode = $nestedSet->createRootNode($values);

if we want to add a Root node we have to create new node or load existing node and change $valuesparent_id? = 0. But then problems appears, if user hits cancel or other button or F5 we have new mode called 'New category' or node with incorect left_id or right_id. The bad thing is that node was created at first in the database before the user entered data (node label) and when we recieved user responce information was updated. One of the reasons I created this patch is that I installed seagull with shop module in one company, they were working there with really big category trees and managed to crash the whole category thing.

We still have some problems but this time they come from MESSAGE: Array to string conversion TYPE: Notice FILE: C:\www\seagull\html\lib\pear\DB\NestedSet?.php LINE: 2329 DEBUG INFO:

2327 // To be used with the next major version 2328 // $iv = in_array($this->params[$k], $this->_quotedParams) ? $this->_quote($v) : $v; 2329 $iv = $this->_quote(trim($val));

don't know how to fix it. Maybe in new version it will work...

"2) there seem to be no GUI controls to access your CSV functionality" OOps. Now they are ok. categoryReorder.html template is no longer used and can be removed.


11/17/05 08:28:36 changed by demian

hi Rolandas - this patch is full of conflicts - you do realise i applied the first one you sent, so you need to 'svn up' and create the fix against the latest trunk. also, it might be an idea to leave all the patches in Trac and number them, instead of deleting them, that way it's easier to track the history of a problem.

by the way, which version of tortoiseSVN do you use? your patches unfortunately do not apply in Linux, I have to boot into windows every time :-( See ML for discussion of this Tortoise problem.



11/17/05 09:42:15 changed by Rol2000

Hi Demian. I checked the ML of TortoiseSVN I am using the latest version :

TortoiseSVN 1.2.6, Build 4786 - 32 Bit Subversion 1.2.3, apr 0.9.6 apr-iconv 0.9.5 apr-utils 0.9.6 berkeley db 4.3.28 neon 0.24.7 OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005 zlib 1.2.3

Somebody asked there how did I create that patch. LOL Well, right mouse key, tortoiseSvn->Create patch... I guess thats normal way :) Can make screenshots if needed :P

Yes, I noticed that you applied my first fix only when I send my second one. Ok, now I'll send the third patch :)

11/17/05 11:06:19 changed by Rol2000

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THIRD patch

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Hi Rolandas

Let's continue this at ML - please see my latest post.