id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component severity resolution keywords cc 1750 PHP Notice, when session times out - with CMS installed shaunmza somebody I get the following error when attempting to access the admin section after an extended period of time (i.e. session has expired)\r\n\r\n\r\nMESSAGE: Undefined index: TRANSLATION\r\nTYPE: Notice\r\nFILE: /home/directory/public_html/sgl1/lib/SGL/String.php\r\nLINE: 267\r\nDEBUG INFO:\r\n\r\n262 return self::translate2($key, $filter, $aParams, $langCode);\r\n263 }\r\n264 $c = SGL_Config::singleton();\r\n265 $conf = $c->getAll();\r\n266\r\n267 $trans = $GLOBALS['_SGL']['TRANSLATION'];\r\n\r\n268 if (isset($trans[$key])) {\r\n269 if (!is_array($trans[$key])\r\n270 && strstr($trans[$key], '||')\r\n271 && $conf['translation']['container'] == 'db') {\r\n272 preg_match_all('/([^|]*)\\|([^|]*)(?=\\|\\|)/', $trans[$key], $aPieces); defect closed normal 1.0 SGL - String open fixed session, translation, String.php