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Lightbox version 2.04 with automatic resizing

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Basically updating lightbox to latest 2.04 release from http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/ and patch lightbox.js, lightbox.css with the files from http://blog.hma-info.de/2008/04/09/latest-lightbox-v2-with-automatic-resizing/


lightbox.tar.gz (100.0 kB) - added by hartigan on 10/29/08 06:55:44.
Lightbox v 2.04 as well as patched lightbox.js and lightbox.css

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Lightbox v 2.04 as well as patched lightbox.js and lightbox.css

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nice one, thanks, will add this in next few days. any chance to check stability of latest bugfix code?

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Hi hartigan

this patch really isn't great. in fact the word "patch" is exactly what you are missing. i unzipped your files, guessed where they went, spent 20 mins checking to discover that your new files and "patches" broke the existing functionality.

please test before submitting anything to this project, and absolutely supply a patch so that guesswork is not invovled.