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Ability to optimize css files

Reported by: ajmixto Assigned to: demian
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I've prepared a patch that implements the ability to optimize the css files like it is implemented for the javascript files using cssmin library.

I've modified a little the js optimization in order to avoid it if we are not in production mode to simplify development.


0.6-bugfix.diff (4.3 kB) - added by ajmixto on 06/28/08 15:19:42.
modules.diff (2.9 kB) - added by ajmixto on 06/28/08 15:22:32.

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06/28/08 15:19:42 changed by ajmixto

  • attachment 0.6-bugfix.diff added.

06/28/08 15:22:32 changed by ajmixto

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07/15/08 08:09:32 changed by demian

  • milestone changed from 0.6.5 to 0.9.1 - polishing.

this is yet another feature that we don't really need for 0.6 - when plugin functionality is stable for 0.9 i propose we integrate this as a plugin

02/26/13 12:49:52 changed by demian

  • milestone deleted.