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Configuration File mapping

Reported by: rungss Assigned to: demian (accepted)
Priority: high Milestone: 1.1
Component: SGL - Config Severity: patch approved
Keywords: Config, Path, Flexibility, Custom, sitename, ip address Cc:


I had noticed a file confmap.php and some enhancements in the SGL_Config Classes Constructor using a mechanism to check the mapping of Configuration files in a Branch of code which I don't remember..

I applied that but that halts execution at the SGL_Task_SetupPaths::run Which is the very first Process getting executed in the Taskrunner for intializing the App.

We can apply the same mechanism to get the actual Configuration File's path by creating a method named something like SGL_Task_SetupPaths::getConfigFile() and call that to get the valid Config File instead of SGL_Task_SetupPaths::hostnameToFilename()

I have worked it out and will submit the patch for it in a while.

Feedbacks welcome..


sgl_task_setup_path_get_config_file.diff (2.5 kB) - added by rungss on 02/20/08 02:49:05.
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Hi bijay

thanks for this patch, i will apply it in the 0.9 branch which I'm working on now

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