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Date selector with DHTML Calendar Widget

Reported by: ajmixto Assigned to: demian (accepted)
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Component: module - event Severity: need feedback
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With this patch you can make a great date selector using DHTML Calendar Widget with a simple call to SGL_Output::calendar.

It has an special param so the date is submitted to the manager as an array. So you can change your SGL_Output::showDateSelector with this one, without change your manager logic.

I had to make a little change to the PHP wrapper class wich I have already submitted to the DHTML Calendar project.


parche.diff (5.5 kB) - added by ajmixto on 07/30/07 04:20:45.

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looks interesting, not sure if SGL_Output is best place tho, will take a look

11/09/07 09:57:32 changed by demian

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i think the event module might be a good place for this, but prefer to do the work in next release

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