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module config files not parsed for CLI requests

Reported by: demian Assigned to: demian (accepted)
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from Peter's email

However, I do not run the Manager via HTTP, but as a CLI request, and then the local conf.ini is not merged.
Here's what I did:
I copied my  global <host>.conf.php to localhost.conf.php. 
Run the following command line:
php /var/www/html/www.larus.nl/www/index.php --moduleName=export --managerName=RssMgr --action=news
Using the same breakpoint as you did in your code example, this shows a (partial) $conf: 
[TranslationMgr] => Array
            [requiresAuth] => 1
            [adminGuiAllowed] => 1
    [localConfig] => Array
            [moduleName] => default 
which obviously comes from the global config and contains no local config.
When I look again at the code in Frontcontroller I see the following:
    //  assign request to registry 
        $input = &SGL_Registry::singleton();
        $req   = &SGL_Request::singleton();
The SGL_Request::singleton brings you to 
class SGL_Request
    var $aProps;
    function init()
        if ($this->isEmpty()) {
            $res = (!SGL::runningFromCLI())
                ? $this->initHttp()
                : $this->initCli();
        return $res; 
And there the code branches and for CLI commands you'll do the initCli(), which does not process SGL_UrlParser_SefStrategy(), where, as you mentioned the local config gets merged.


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agreed with your analysis, basically local config parsing needs to be extracted from SGL_UrlParser_SefStrategy().

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During tests with the new EmailqueueMgr? and Newsletter running via CLI, it seems that this has not been solved yet.