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Translation Mgr: aMonthsArray gets corrupted

Reported by: werner Assigned to: demian (accepted)
Priority: normal Milestone: 0.6.3
Component: module - default Severity: open
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Description (Last modified by werner)

though this seems to be a PEAR::Config bug i put a note here to find a solution for this problem

maybe it helps to make a $wordsaMonthsArray?[0] dummy entry so PEAR::Config can start with index 0.

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02/02/07 04:08:46 changed by werner

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02/02/07 04:59:33 changed by werner

The error occurs when the initial array is parsed.

The key gets lost somehow in


02/02/07 05:33:08 changed by werner

made a bugreport for this:


hope it gets fixed soon.

04/19/07 07:28:48 changed by werner

  • milestone set to 0.6.3.

see http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=10010 for new parameter in pear::cache to handle this problem

04/19/07 08:20:53 changed by demian

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yes i noticed this too, but latest Config patch kills our hacks ;-) we can sync this all up in 0.6.3.

04/20/07 03:39:50 changed by werner

see #1428