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Problem handling same permission names in different modules

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We submitted ticket #1060 in order to allow the detection of permissions in managers with the same name but in different modules.

Now we realize that some new managers with the same name (like "FileMgr?" or "CategoryMgr?") have been added to Seagull, but the "detect&add" functionality is not working.

The "permission" table has a unique key using the name of the permission. So, maybe we should change Seagull in order to construct the permission names using the module name also.

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Hi rofranco, can you give more detail regarding "the 'detect&add' functionality is not working"?

i don't think it's a good idea to include the module name in perm name, for 1 it would require a mass of changes, for 2, FileMgr? is only in two places because whole of publisher module will soon be superceded by cms module, in progress.

my idea so far is to default installer to install core modules only, rest can be chosen, then disallow media and pubisher modules to be simoultaneously installed. what do you think?

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only core modules are installed by default now, however i'd still like to hear if there is a prob with 'detect and add' as you say.

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