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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#40 Help System SGL enhancement feature request 10/19/05

A system where a module author provides help text (multi-linugal) which can be easily shown in the template, on mouseover, and when other actions are preformed

#608 Seagull Nightly Build System not categorised task major 02/27/06

This system would preform the following tasks:

  • Nightly Build.
  • Backup of SVN and Trac.
  • Run all Unit Tests.
  • Keep statistics of Code Coverage for Unit Tests.
  • Upload Nightly Builds and backups to SourceForge? and other backup servers.

Code Coverage:

  • http://gcov.php.net/PHP_5_1/lcov/index.html
  • http://developer.spikesource.com/projects/phpcoverage/
  • http://blog.bitflux.ch/archive/2006/01/05/visual-code-coverage-with-simpletest.html

#666 Translation2 doesn't handle case sensitive translation keys SGL - Translation defect need feedback 03/06/06

This is because the function in Translation2 that checks to see if the translation exists uses the query

"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM translation_en_iso_8859_15 WHERE page_id='edit'"

If it return 1 it updates instead of insert. The query

"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM translation_en_iso_8859_15 WHERE page_id='Edit'"

will also returns 1 if you have a row in the table with the page_id that is 'edit'

MySQL is not case sensative you need to use the BINARY option in the field definition

#168 suggestions for boosting project popularity SGL seagull-promotion enhancement normal 11/07/05

That's a good idea to enhance the release management. Here some ideas to increase the popularity of seagull:

- add a meta description on http://seagull.phpkitchen.com to get more hits from search engine

- everyone of us seagul develop team should add a "download seagull" link on our homepages :)

- get better activity statistics on sourceforge.net with better usage of rfe/bug/patch management

- zend has a list of featured cms, frameworks and other libraries on the code exchange site. seagull should be there too.

- all websites which are driven by the seagull engine should MUST have a link to the official seagull site to boost google rankings. i know a lot of techniques to do that...

#787 Create RFC Template SGL task not categorised 03/20/06

This will ensure that all RFC are consistent.


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#1019 Ability to associate multiple orgs per user module - user enhancement not categorised 06/19/06

I'm working on a project where we need users to be associated with more than one organisation, and obviously organisations to be associated with more than one users.

This hack can be activated with a config param, and if it's activated, a user can choose at "My preferences" which will be the default organisation for him on next login (the one than will be set as $_SESSIONoid?)

Please, try it if you can, and tell me if you consider it worth to be added to the core.

It has been tested on Debian Etch 3.2(testing) with PostgreSQL but should work fine with MySQL


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#1119 Remove titleClass from block table and rename bodyClass to blockClass module - blocks 1.1 defect analyzing 08/10/06

There is no need for 2 different classes. This involves DB changes and will thus happen in 0.7

#384 halt execution if no global config found SGL - Tasks 1.1 defect normal 01/20/06

if INSTALL_COMPLETE is present but no global config seagull still attempts to execute.

#345 add 'last run date' to maintenance mgr module - default 1.1 enhancement not categorised 01/16/06

and possibily collapsibility, see attached img

#618 if ($conf[translation][container] == 'db') should be replaced with if (defined('SGL_TRANSLATION2')) not categorised 1.1 enhancement not categorised 03/01/06

1. conf contains 'database' and 'db' definitions, should be only one

2. define SGL_TRANS2 only after successfully initialization translation2 lib. Before initialization or if initialization is broken the trans2 must be disabled to use.

#724 improve wikepedia entry not categorised seagull-promotion enhancement not categorised 03/11/06


#1010 cannot pass parameters to default module / manager SGL - Url defect not categorised 06/13/06

As SefStrategy?.php sets default module and mgr Task/Request.php doesn't call getDefaultManager() and default params aren't set.

#1280 make SGL libs independent from framework SGL 1.1 enhancement open 10/26/06

In the scenario where you want to use SGL libs, but none of the modules or default initialisation routines, you should be able to.

Seagull already has a clean namespace policy which makes this an easy exercise, something PEAR is now thinking about:


Very shortly you will have to do include 'PEAR/Config.php' instead of include 'Config.php'.

All that needs to be done is for the SGL_CORE_DIR to be added to the include path, and for that constant to be removed in the code. So including Seagull's config class (which will not conflict with PEAR's fortunately as it's a PEAR wrapper) will be done like include 'SGL/Config.php';

#1384 In PEAR::DB 1.7.8RC1 new method DB::getDSNString() was introduced SGL - DB 1.1 defect open 01/22/07

We can use this native method instead of Seagull's SGL_DB::getDSN(SGL_*_STRING).

#1423 Clearing the config cache folder when new manager added module - default 1.1 enhancement open 03/29/07


Once you've added new modules and managers to your Seagull Installation, even after adding them to your cof.ini file, the modules often aren't displayed.


Clear the cache by deleting or clearing the .ini files in var/config

#1434 rethink which managers go in default module not categorised 1.1 enhancement open 04/16/07

When customising Seagull for a project, you almost always want to create your own default module. One reason is to have a template available to all modules, like master.html, which needs to go in modules/default/templates/myTemplate.html.

When you fork Seagull's default module you can't sync up with svn improvements to things like the maintenance manager, module builder, etc.

One way to avoid this would be to create an 'admin' module that contains what most of 'default' now contains.

#1560 only PHP errors reach error handler callback, not PEAR for SGL errors SGL - ErrorHandler 1.1 defect open 11/23/07

what we have:

php error
	- eh
pear error
	- pear callback
sgl error
	- pear error

what we need:

php error
	- error handler
pear error
	- pear callback
sgl error
	- pear error
		- pear callback
			- error handler

#1563 js/SGL/Loader.js doesn't work with optimizer. not categorised 1.1 defect open 11/29/07

The optimizer.php code doesn't make its work when you want to pass a parameter to a javascript file.

#1596 Fix UserAjaxProvider and singletons SGL - Tasks 1.1 defect open 03/18/08

The class mentioned above shouldn't be a singleton (defacto it isn't singleton, although it has the static method singleton()). SGL_Task_ExecuteAjaxAction invokes directly class creation process via new operator:

$oProvider = new $providerClass();

there are two proposals: 1. standardize Ajax provider as singleton with required method name example: instance(), and do hide constructor as private member.

$oProvider = & $providerClass::singleton();

2. simply remove singleton() - static member function

#1604 customInstallDefaults.ini should get copied to var dir rather than stay in etc SGL - Install 1.1 enhancement open 04/01/08

#1611 cookie should be cleared on first page of installer not categorised 1.1 defect open 04/10/08

otherwise saved values are persisted from other installs of sgl

#1684 ensureModuleConfigLoaded() hacks can be removed not categorised 1.1 enhancement open 10/23/08
Found 13 occurrences in 11 files for the word: ensureModuleConfigLoaded
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/Config.php (414)     function ensureModuleConfigLoaded($moduleName)
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/FrontController.php (98)         $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($req->getModuleName());
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/Request/Ajax.php (20)             $ok = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($url->getModuleName());
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/Task/Process.php (711)         $conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($defaultModule);
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/Task/Process.php (1095)                 $conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($moduleName);
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/SGL/Translation3/Driver.php (203)         $conf = SGL_Config::singleton()->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('translation');
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/comment/classes/CommentMgr.php (119)             $conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($input->callerMod);
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/comment/classes/CommentMgr.php (151)         $conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded($input->callerMod);
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/default/classes/MaintenanceMgr.php (270)         $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('default');
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/newsletter/blocks/Subscribe2.php (76)         $blockOutput->conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('newsletter');
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/sitemap/www/sm.php (55) SGL_Config::singleton()->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('sitemap');
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/translation/init.php (49)                 $conf  = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('translation');
/var/www/html/seagull/branches/0.6-bugfix/modules/user/blocks/Login2.php (79)         $blockOutput->conf = $c->ensureModuleConfigLoaded('user');

#1700 Module Generator - format output to match usual admin theme module - default 1.1 enhancement open 02/16/09

#1701 Switch of language don't work with URIs having a '-' between.... translations 1.1 defect open 02/22/09

There is an error in SGL2.js in current official version 0.6.6. on line 158 var webRoot = SGL_JS_WEBROOT.match(/(http[s]?\:\/\/[\w\.]+([\:0-9]+)?)/i)[0];

if you have URL like http://www.my-domain.de the variable webRoot contains only string "http://www.my". RegEx? is not correct, because \w is wrong at this position.

#1718 resolveBaseUrl() in csshelpers is inconsistent in path construction not categorised 1.1 defect open 09/21/09
$webRootUrl = resolveBaseUrl('', true);

no leading slash generated.

#1743 remove db options from installer not categorised 1.1 defect open 02/22/10

#1744 getLangsDescriptionMap() returns non-utf-8 langs not categorised 1.1 defect open 02/22/10

#1767 move non-core functionality to plugins not categorised 1.1 enhancement open 02/26/13

#1768 Hide STRICT errors on PHP 5.4 not categorised 1.1 defect open 03/05/13

PHP 5.4 E_STRICT became part of E_ALL. Thus Flexy.php need to be hacked if you don't want STRICT errors, i.e. "Strict standards: Non-static method ... should not be called statically". Set $_error_reporting = error_reporting(E_ALL ~E_NOTICE ~E_STRICT); (line 532 in lib/pear/HTML/Template/Flexy.php) can fix this problem.

#1769 Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string not categorised 1.1 defect open 03/07/13

I'm using PHP 5.4. When editing module config, this warning will show up. It is caused by the template admin_moduleConfigEdit.html. At line 18, the argument pass to htmlspecialchars() should be $t->moduleNameId instead of $t->module, though this status does not happen in PHP 5.3.

#1770 refactoring class SGL_CategoryPerms SGL - CategoryPerms 1.1 defect open 03/31/13

line 65 should be changed to parent::construct();

#1771 export array to javascript variable SGL - Output 1.1 enhancement open 08/01/13

To make SGL_Output be able to export PHP array to Javascript array.

#1585 Configuration File mapping SGL - Config 1.1 enhancement patch approved 02/20/08

I had noticed a file confmap.php and some enhancements in the SGL_Config Classes Constructor using a mechanism to check the mapping of Configuration files in a Branch of code which I don't remember..

I applied that but that halts execution at the SGL_Task_SetupPaths::run Which is the very first Process getting executed in the Taskrunner for intializing the App.

We can apply the same mechanism to get the actual Configuration File's path by creating a method named something like SGL_Task_SetupPaths::getConfigFile() and call that to get the valid Config File instead of SGL_Task_SetupPaths::hostnameToFilename()

I have worked it out and will submit the patch for it in a while.

Feedbacks welcome..

#1506 Date selector with DHTML Calendar Widget module - event enhancement need feedback 07/30/07

With this patch you can make a great date selector using DHTML Calendar Widget with a simple call to SGL_Output::calendar.

It has an special param so the date is submitted to the manager as an array. So you can change your SGL_Output::showDateSelector with this one, without change your manager logic.

I had to make a little change to the PHP wrapper class wich I have already submitted to the DHTML Calendar project.

#1566 add ability to load data from project specific files SGL - Tasks enhancement need feedback 12/03/07

The following tasks are affected:

  • loadSampleData
  • loadCustomData
  • loadBlockData (removeBlockData)
  • buildNavigation (removeNavigation)

If a file is found in data/<moduleName>/ it is loaded instead of the one found in modules/<moduleName>/data/

#13 incorrect GET params passed to Perm Mgr :: Detect & Add module - user defect normal 10/19/05

in this qs:


frmPermId is never used, and moduleId never gets a value

#66 create wrapper method to load pear libs SGL enhancement normal 10/19/05

if the pear lib is not present, a user-friendly error will prompt for it

#800 SGL_Url::toPartialArray parsing prob SGL - Url defect normal 03/22/06

I think I found a small bug in correct url decoding when seagull reads a name of module and menager from URL.

When we write this link: http://localhost/videovroom/video/action/list videovroom is dir name video is a module name (VideoMgr?) in file SGL/Url.php in function toPartialArray

foreach ($aUriParts as $elem) {
                    if (stristr($pathFromServer, $elem)) {
                    } else {

the name "video" was removed.

I changed dir name to "wideoroom" it works, but is not a good method.

#201 add observer that inserts a welcome instant message to newly registered users module - messaging enhancement not categorised 11/18/05

ie, setup an observer

#202 review default org implementation module - user enhancement not categorised 11/18/05

default data currently fails FK contstaints.

#462 use strat names should be used for keys in array of strategies SGL - Url enhancement not categorised 02/07/06

easy fix

#723 improve API docs documentation enhancement not categorised 03/11/06

Some improvements:

  • create inline code examples
  • modules must be sub-packages

#947 Problem with SGL_Request when initializing not categorised defect not categorised 05/17/06

something is wrong in SGL_Request:

when I want to use a singleton of SGL_Request in ExplorerBsd::getGuruTree, when it is loaded through SGL_Task_SetuBlocks in process I get empty SGL_Request: sgl_request Object ( [aProps] => Array ( [index.php] => ) )

but when I debug earlier processed classes it is all well till SGL_Task_SetupLangSupport, when there is problem and SGL_Request content is cleared after that such code: (SGL_Task_SetupLangSupport::process)

$req = $input->getRequest(); ...

but when I set this code in the beginning of SGL_Task_SetupLangSupport::process

$req = & SGL_Request::singleton();

then everything is OK and I get in SGL_Request::singleton sgl_request Object (

[aProps] => Array


[index.php] => [moduleName] => publisher [managerName] => articleview [action] => summary [] =>



To reproduce this bug, set in config file: $confsite?defaultModule? = 'publisher'; $confsite?defaultManager? = 'articleview'; $confsite?defaultParams? = 'action/summary/';

and insert block for categories in the left/right blocks for publisher/articleview section, then try to click on any category and instead of link:


you get this: http://localhost/seagull3/www/index.php/default/frmCatID/18/

Config: PHP 4.4.1 under Windows

#1055 WikiMgr not categorised enhancement not categorised 07/11/06

A simple wiki, based on pears Wiki package and Text_Diff package(not included in tarball). However not compatible from scratch with default seagull code, but might be a start for someone else to modify.

#991 gzip compression code should be in its own task SGL - Tasks enhancement open 06/02/06

@ini_set('zlib.output_compression', (int)$this->confsite?compression?);

does not work with php 4.3.11 when php.ini says output_compression is Off. It only works to disable compression when php.ini says output_compression is On.

I tried to change SGL_Process_Init : // start output buffering

if ($this->confsite?outputBuffering?) {

if ($this->confsite?compression?) {


} else {




But it doesn't work either : I only get a blank page.

If someone has a idea...

#1175 xml-rpc update checker seems to give wrong info not categorised defect open 08/22/06

Your current version, 0.6.0RC3, is up to date

#1217 get Seagull to work when safe_mode is enabled not categorised enhancement open 09/19/06

quite a lot of detail here:


#1224 update HowTo/Navigation not categorised task open 09/22/06

out of date apparently

#1339 when enabling a module, add needed SQL files to test.conf.ini not categorised defect open 12/07/06

needed for cms tests to work correctly

#1397 event module error not categorised defect open 02/22/07

DB_DataObject::factory() can return a PEAR_Error object, but in the code there's no error checking. At least not in the EventMgr? class: http://demo.seagullproject.org/index.php/event/

#1400 Permit the use of RewriteRule from Apache SGL - Tasks enhancement open 03/01/07

This patch permits to use Apache RewriteRule?. Example: I've a seagull site in www.example.com but I want to redir there the site www.notmine.com of which I haven't DNS register permission, but I have access to the Apache on the machine it points to. I write an apache role like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  Servername www.notmine.com
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://www.example.com/$1  [P]
<Directory proxy:*>
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all

then in seagull configuration a put this line:

$conf['site']['xforwarded'] = '1';

and all works. Not a great patch but it was usefull for me.

#1427 More features/automation in module generation RAD module - default enhancement open 04/12/07

as mentioned in Seagull features about RAD "no donkey work". RAD at this time, creating a skeleton of code that nearly handling all basic data manipulation requirement. but not generating a fully functional module/manager, I think the main purpose of rad to avoid any coding related to Ui, Data Access, Validation, Navigation and Deployment. the developer must focus on logic (if applicable?). so here is my patch. after this patch RAD will be able to.

  1. Validation (different data types)
  2. Field selection. (in list and edit)
  3. Order management for fields (in edit and list)
  4. Customized filed caption (in list and edit)
  5. Default field data (in edit)
  6. Tool-tip (in edit)
  7. Foreign key mapping with any filed of foreign table. (in list and a drop-down box in edit)
  8. Search
  9. Order by (in list)
  10. Some work on headings for customize massaging
  11. Modification history (in edit)
  12. All setting saved before module creation so if you have make some mistake just reload same module and change the related field and recreate.

some issues reaming in this patch

  1. at this time all interface are done for admin_GUI
  2. saved data could not be reloaded in PHP 4 due to bug in PHP 4

and TO-DO

  1. support of default theme
  2. Navigation, default data, and table schema in module data folder
  3. Permission management

#1487 fix get_seagull_blocks not categorised task open 06/28/07

#1524 Simplify debug config options not categorised 1.1 enhancement open 08/29/07

What to do:

  • decide under which tab to put mtnce mode and admin key,
  • combine debug blocks in one.

Also remove some non-necessary keys, like conf[site][logo], conf[debug][showDebugReporterLink] etc, that actually affect UI.

#1613 Mutilple globalJavascriptFiles must be separated by ";" SGL - Output 2.0 defect open 04/14/08

The tooltip and Trac docs say to separate multiple Javascript files with ';' but the makeJsOptimizerLink() breaks up the string based on a ,

If you want a Javascript file included on every page of your site, put it here (separate with ";" if several files)

// javascript files, which always are loaded
                ? explode(',', SGL_Config::get('site.globalJavascriptFiles'))
                : array()

#1688 Session - unlinking old session file throws permission denied exception not categorised 2.0 defect open 10/30/08

When regenerating the session id, SGL_Session tries to unlink the old session file. As the file was not generated by script, I get an permission denied error and the old file keeps in memory. (And so the old session is still valid for the set lifetime)

This may sometimes make sense, so perhaps an extra parameter would be a good choice. Currently SGL tries to delete it, so we could also just use the optional parameter of session_regenerate_id() to delete the old session file. (parameter added on version 5.1.0)

Patch doing this is attached. If you want to add support for database sessions, you also have to update the record in database. I am not sure, if you have plans on adding this again?!?

#1691 Filter to load modules init.php file and auto-add a SetupModule filter to the global filter chain not categorised 2.0 enhancement open 11/14/08

Here is an idea to load the modules init.php file. SGL1 loaded the init.php file only, but did not auto-call any filter, so you have always to alter the global filter chain by yourself. (for block and navigation for example)

To retrieve installed modules, a config value 'site.installedModules' is neccessary. Just a comma seperated list of modules in the order to be set up. (Currently only 'default'.)

In the init.php file, a filter with name 'SGL2_Filter_SetupModule' + ModuleName? is searched, and if found, is auto-added to the filter chain.

I am not sure, if you have planned any other mechanism for initializing installed modules. Perhaps you want to drop the init.php file? I really would welcome such a mechanism, so no custom filter chain is used for just setting up my modules.

#1706 Moving pages in CMS navigation fails module - cms defect open 05/12/09

You cannot use the arrows in CMS -> Manage Navigation as the url is misconstructed. It says http://localhost/cms/page/action/reorder/frmPageId/23/targetId/images%5BmoveUpTarget%5D/move/up/ where instead of the "images%5BmoveUpTarget%5D" an integer of the next/previous position should be.

PS: There is no "Component" "module - cms", yet.

#1707 CMS: Bug with internal linking module - cms defect open 05/19/09

Using the CMS module I ran into some complications with the navigation for internal links. Testing it and looking at the code I assume the same problem exists with the old navigation code as well [1].

A menu entry for an internal link does not show up when you select "Roles that can view this page: All roles" for its subsection through the backend. The section / subsection are assigned with a "-2" (SGL_ANY_ROLE) which can never be evaluated as true in "... in_array($this->_rid, explode(',', $linkedSection->perms) ...".

[1] http://trac.seagullproject.org/browser/modules/0.6/navigation/classes/SimpleDriver.php#L475

#1715 SiteMap URL Issue not categorised defect open 08/24/09

if conf[site][frontScriptName] = ' ' then http://www.acme.com/sitemap with take you to a directory listing, http://www.acme.com/sitemap/sitemap will return the site map XML.

if conf[site][frontScriptName] = 'index.php' then http://www.acme.com/index.php/sitemap will return the site map XML.

I assume that http://www.acme.com/sitemap should work.

#1720 ability to override initial settings of external modules not categorised enhancement open 10/06/09

This is a little enhancement could be helpful when using many externals modules and need to modify some settings on per project basis.

Simply put your custom conf.ini into etc/modules/<module_name> and it's will be used instead of default one, i.e. initial installation, or when clearing cache, etc.

For example, you could need to disable registration for user module, etc, simply copy modules/user/conf.ini to etc/modules/user/conf.ini and make any changes. That's it! Deploy your project now and have a rest :)

#1704 User Module Customization module - user enhancement need feedback 04/02/09

In the case where there are a number of user “types”, ie Site Managers, Paid Members and E-Commerce Account Holders, there is a need for multiple input forms, validation and insert methods. For example, the e-commerce user will need to have ship to and billing addresses, and credit card information. The site manager will need the standard information, name, user name, password, etc. but no credit card information.

Attached is possible solution.

#1681 Flexible Captcha not categorised 2.0 enhancement open 09/30/08

There a number of ways to general a captcha images, so this is a way to switch between a given number of methods.

* Note: I could not get the KCatcha method working properly, see #1398


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#678 improve homepage screen themes - default defect not categorised 03/07/06

* give more information about successful install

  • give better instructions for what to do next, user-friendly
  • improve layout and get rid of empty left/right columns


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#1555 php vars for default 2 theme not categorised enhancement open 11/08/07

as discussend on ML we again need php vars for easy color assignment in default2 theme.

like it was with old default theme.

#1583 if i have a local navigation.php in module, it should get added to navigation.php during install not categorised enhancement open 02/18/08

#1588 ArrayDriver supports only 10 sub elements for each element module - navigation enhancement open 02/27/08


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#1401 Running Multiple Domain with a Single Seagull Installation not categorised enhancement open 03/01/07

The attached patches make minor changes that allow the creation of multiple var/domain and www/images/domain directories, allowing a single installation to support multiple domains. The directories under the var and images directory need to be manually created before the setup is run for each domain.


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#765 Request: expand user table data, or break it into a new sub-tables to hold expanded user data module - user enhancement feature request 03/17/06

I am looking to use seagull as the basis for a rather large web application. However, I have (not so) small problem... the data in the user table is incomplete. For my application the user needs to be able, at a miniumum, enter at least two kiods of contact info (home and work) Optimally even more.

perhaps whats needed is the ability for the admin to define new fields and have them be able to show up on the new account/signup form...

for example, in my new app, I would like to get the users home AND work data; I would alos like the user to be able to provide other data such as alternate email adresses, SMS addresses, AIM, etc.

As my app grows there will be more...

what I am is concerne about is adding these to my verion of Seagull and then going through hell when I want to upgrade...


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#963 permission in articles is wrong module - publisher defect need feedback 05/23/06


I set permission on category (for new role) and I set HTMLArticle to this category. When I logout (no permission to this category) , and when I write in browser url to this article ('/index.php/publisher/articleview/frmArticleID/45/') then I see whole article :(

I can see this article in 'Publisher_Block_RecentHtmlArticles2' block, too.

My english is poor - sorry. (php-4.4.2,mysql-4.1.18)

#955 more flexibility for category block module - navigation enhancement not categorised 05/18/06

i miss the following flexibility for category block:

  • root category to start
  • layout (different menu builders like collapsable js-tree, ul-list, etc...)
  • which action to link to: default action or current action

#1205 SGL_Category::getChildren() doesn't take into account if user has perms to view categories SGL - Category defect open 09/08/06

simple patch to follow.

note to myself: also check other methods if they check categories...

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.