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724improve wikepedia entryassigneddemianenhancementhighnot categorised
953unify branding of seagullnewajdefecthighnot categorised
168suggestions for boosting project popularityassignedajenhancementnormalSGL
174Create feature matrix comparing SGL to other Frameworks/CMSnewsomebodytasknormaldocumentation
786Give all Seagull developers a emailnewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
890create a 'seagull hacks' browser, like symfony's snippetsnewsomebodyenhancementnormalnot categorised
907add some case studiesnewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
914do a framework shootoutnewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
941get Seagull included in Fantastico ISP software packagenewsomebodydefectnormalnot categorised
1166get Seagull listed on apple sitenewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
1298create community module browser like joomlanewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
1316add google ML signup widget to sgl sitenewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
1328create better bullet point summary of what Seagull is and can donewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
1377embedded video welcome: good way to introduce new usersnewsomebodyenhancementnormalnot categorised
1406create block summarising latest ML and forum postsnewsomebodydefectnormalnot categorised
1467create PDF cheatsheet like cakenewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
1513add mybloglog blocknewsomebodytasknormalnot categorised
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