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Seagull 1.0.4 (stable)

A PHP5 only and latest stable released version of Seagull which is also available in the trunk. It is fully backwards compatible with the 0.6-bugfix branch.

  • Source
  • Overview Docs
  • The wiki will be updated accordingly. Currently the links below refer to documentation for the version 1.x of the project.

Seagull 2.0 (experimental)

A new, experimental version of Seagull with major changes according to the latest technologies which is in progress. It is currently incomplete and not fully working. Check it out on github.

Seagull 0.6.x (older version)

This version has been in production for more than 6 years, is widely deployed and is compatible with PHP versions 4.3 to 5.3.x .

General Overview

Why a framework might be of interest, the future of Seagull, License Information and Target Audience, News and Talks relating to Seagull.


Meet the community of developers, translators and maintainers, find out more about mailing list etiquette and see a list of sites powered by Seagull.


Where to download Seagull and how to install, Requirements, and Backwards Compatibility.

Main Concepts

Learn about the main concepts behind developing a project with Seagull.


The material in the HOWTO section goes into specific detail about various functionality available in Seagull.


Various Tutorials to assist you while learning Seagull.


All contributions are required to follow these standards and practices

Trouble Shooting

In this section you will find everything you need to get your Seagull installation working right, including FAQs and Tips and Tricks


Information about Preformance, Directory Structure, Code Examples, Contributing Bug Fixes, Feature Enhancements, and Translations.

Additional Information

Some other useful areas are Internal, Environment and RFC

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.