Seagull was put together with the developer in mind, but to a certain extent it can also be used "out of the box" by non-technical users.

The wiki is the best source for developer information, but for starters you can take a look at


The following diagrams give an overview of Seagull design:

API Docs

API documentation was created using phpDocumentor.

In the left margin listed are Packages, Files and Classes. For maximum readability forget about files and go straight to the packages

Browse the API docs here, download them here.

Powered By PEAR

Seagull uses the PEAR library almost exclusively for library classes. Current packages being used are:

  • Cache_Lite
  • Date
  • DB
  • DB_Pager
  • DB_DataObject
  • DB_NestedSet
  • HTML_Javascript
  • HTML_Quickform
  • HTML_TreeMenu
  • HTML_Template_Flexy
  • Log
  • Mail
  • Net_UserAgent
  • PHPdocumentor
  • System
  • Text_Password
  • Text_Statistics
  • Validate

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