Improved CSS and Javascript handling for Seagull 0.6.3

October 28, 2007 01:28, contributed by: seagull
I know this email is very long. But if you're interested about new
features related to CSS/JavaScript handling, please, read till the end.

Hi All!

Finally, we merged default2 stuff with bugfix.

== PART I: CSS/JavaScript optimizer

Remember "style.php" for each Seagull theme? We developed a replacement,
which "optimizes" both JavaScript and CSS files.
Optimizer can be located in "SGL_WEB_ROOT/optimizer.php".

How to invoke optimizer:

    * do same as you did before in your managers e.g.
      $output->addCssFile('themes/theme/css/my.css') or
    * in header.html of your theme put the following lines
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
      href="{makeCssOptimizerLink()}" />
      <script type="text/javascript" src="{makeJsOptimizerLink()}"></script>

That's it.

How it works:

    * optimizer receives file names of files to load and their type (css
      or javascript),
    * then it looks if files were changed or not,
          o so if yes, it simply tells browser to use it's cache,
    * if no, it creates one file from all files names specified (just
      outputing their contents in one request) and ensures that next
      time browser will use it's cache to receive it,
    * for CSS "optimization" we also load "csshelpers.php" (found in
      "SGL_WEB_ROOT/themes"), which functions (helpers) can be used in
      CSS files like "isBrowserFamily".

But caching can happen by both sides. Optimizer ensures that browser
receives cache for appropriate files, if it has it. But browser itself
can cache the whole optimizer link, thus if files were changed we will
still get old cache, because browser is too cool. To avoid this problem
we add revision number to generated optimizer link to make sure
optimizer will be launched if CSS/JS files were changed.


    * "csshelpers.php" is nothing more than a replacement for old style
      "vars.php" and "helpers.php",
    * we need the ability to turn off/on optimization - useful for
      debugging (i.e. with "optimization" turned off it should each file
    * in your CSS files don't use @import rule, use PHP's include.

And last but not least, optimizer doesn't optimize anything. It can be
improved to compress JavaScript code of the fly, gzip it or whatever.
Same with CSS - removing whitespaces for example. But this step should
be done only after off/on stuff is developed, otherwise it will be
impossible to debug.

So we left some work you. :)

== PART II: JavaScript

I guess all of you agree that SGL_WEB_ROOT/js directory was messy,
functions in it were redundant, no CS or whatever.

We fixed it. Now all Seagull JavaScript files go either into modules
"js" directory or in "SGL_WEB_ROOT/js/SGL".

Some basic libraries already exist there, but it's almost nothing, so we
need start populating it (e.g. merging from private projects etc).


    * worth reading (and probably closing?),
    * all old JavaScript files (like "mainPublic.js") were moved to
      "SGL_WEB_ROOT/themes/default_admin/js", as you can see it is left
      for BC with "default_admin" theme,
    * "js/SGL.js" should be always loaded - it is main Seagull
      JavaScript file (nothing more than old "global.js").


This is the greatest improvement from my POV. It is what we actually
called "default2" originally, nobody thought that we had to develop
previous two steps.

First of all I want to say that appearance of default theme didn't
changed. It is absolutely the same, but the CSS code is completely

To get a basic idea of new approach read the following - Mike
Stenhouse is the guy, who's approach we incorporated into Seagull.

The main idea is too easy new theme development. We used modular
approach to split CSS in different files, where every file does it's own
job. The full list of default files are as follows:

    * "themes/default/css/reset.css",
    * "themes/default/css/tools.css",
    * "themes/default/css/typo.css",
    * "themes/default/css/forms.css",
    * "themes/default/css/layout.css",
    * "themes/default/css/blocks.css",
    * "themes/default/css/common.css".

Also we supplied default2 with 16(!) available layouts. The current
default layout is "layout-navtop-3col.css".

So to create your own theme you just need

    * to customize "typo.css" and "forms.css" (colors, fonts, sizes -
      that sort of things),
    * "layout.css" - is actually where your work happen (header, footer
    * and pick up one of available layouts.

Please note, that you don't need to change master template. It is same
for all available layouts. Moreover "master.html" is structured in the
way to be friendly for SEO and screen readers:

    * content goes first,
    * then blocks,
    * and the last one is navigation.

So we let them to read most useful stuff from our page first.

To change layout for specific manager/action you must do the following
in your code:
$output->masterLayout = 'layout-navtop-2col.css';
otherwise default layout will be used.

A usually some notes:

    * current bunch of default CSS files is hard-coded in
      SGL_Output::makeCssOptimizerLink(), we are looking for the best
      way to be able to customize it, so you can load your own "global"
      list of files,
    * also defaut layout ('layout-navtop-3col.css') is hardcoded in
      SGL_Output::makeCssOptimizerLink(), so if you don't specify
      $output->masterLayout directly, you will get default one, we are
      looking for the best way to be able to customize it,
    * old "default1" theme can be found in "SGL_WEB_ROOT/themes/default1",
    * template files in modules still from "default1", all new stuff
      currently can be found directly in "SGL_WEB_ROOT/themes/default",
      as soon as we will resolve above probs I guess we will replace
      module files with new ones.

I don't know if I explained everything clearly, but you can ask
questions any time. Again if someone wants to create/update WIKI page
about it - you're welcome.

We hope to resolve above problems ASAP.

I'm very excited about this changes, hope that you too.

P.S. We are still testing new stuff - some patches will be applied
today. Please, tell us if you have any troubles with latest updates.


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