Seagull 0.6.2 Released

April 25, 2007 17:44, contributed by: seagull

Okay ... it took a bit of time to get this release out, 4 months to be exact which broke our monthly release cycle that has been maintained for several years now. What's up you ask? Have been very busy working on a startup venture with some clever guys, more info to come.

The main focus of 0.6.2 has been managing module resources so that they are completely independent from the core framework and are easy to install. To that end, everything a module might need can now be bundled in a single archive which can be unzipped in the modules directory, and Seagull will take care of everything else during the install process. Modules can now additionally contain any template or data resources, which include HTML, CSS, js and a range of data files. With the possibility of adding additional include paths, and config or setup files on a per-module basis, it's much easier to incorporate advanced features into your projects without touching the core.

Having said that, now the the 0.6 branch is quite stable and feature complete we'll be moving back to trunk and developing new features that have been in the pipeline for several months. The main focus will be on further decoupling the core framework (everything in seagull/lib/SGL) from the bundled modules, and in future releases all non-core features will be installable on-demand only. The result will be a much smaller, more manageable core, therefore more frequent releases, and better choice in terms of extra components for framework users.

Back in 0.6.2 there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, here are a few highlights from a quick look at the CHANGELOG:

New core features:

  • SGL_String::tidy() filter (as in Tidy) updated to work with PHP5
  • web-based installer now easier to use (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
  • Added support for MySQL cluster (Steven Stremciuc)
  • Added abililty to extend SGL_Output so your custom template, see
  • Added abililty to customise filterChain with Ajax requests
  • Improved Ajax integration with Prototype with new docs added (Julien Casanova)
  • Config caching makes customisation of stock modules easier
  • Configurable install root path implemented
  • Global caching options extended (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
  • Added ability to add custom data to your modules, makes it easier to diverge from svn code, create file called for this purpose
  • Added SGL_Task_InitialiseModules() task, this gets executed before the filter chain and looks for any file called init.php in the root of any active module, provides hook for any arbitrary startup work required
  • Input URL parsing strategies now configurable
  • added ability to completely customise installer with etc/customInstallDefaults.ini
  • New SGL_Image library fully integrated, see (Dmitri Lakachauskis)
  • Refactored SGL_Request to template pattern, now it loads driver implementation based on request type (Browser, Ajax, Cli)
  • Added amf-php integration, SGL_Request_Amf is now a request type (Thomas Goetz)
  • Added SGL_Util::getTmpDir(), tmpdir tests now work on Mactel identically to windows and unix platforms
  • Added an overlay debug block, displays system info

New module improvements:

  • Enhanced RSS export, now takes and CMS or DAO method as datasrc, see
  • Added abililty to set a new theme for all members (see Users and Security -> Manage preferences)
  • Implemented Ajax username uniqueness check (Dmitri Lakachauskis)

We also worked on some Windows installer issues, and many of the translations are updated, as is the Postgres schema/data. As ever you can run the integrated SimpleTest browser-based unit test runner, or fire of the Selenium test suite for functional tests.

So download 0.6.2 and give it a try and let us know your feedback, either at the forum or the mailing list .

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