Seagull 0.6.0RC2 Released

April 22, 2006 12:14, contributed by: seagull

Thanks for all the feedback from users who downloaded the first release in the 0.6 series, Release Candidate 2 is finally out and includes some important bugfixes and improvements.

RC1 was hugely popular and had around 10 times the usual downloads, so thank you all for your enthusiasm. Three of the most important improvements in RC2 are:

  • issues with DB_DataObject and MySQL5 resolved, if you used this DB version and had problems adding users, this is now fixed
  • full PostgreSQL support - thanks to big efforts from PierpaoloToniolo and AjTarachanowicz you can use this DB without issue
  • the Hello World tutorial will work as advertised ;-) I know I jumped the gun announcing the tutorial before RC2 was out, well now at least you can get the expected results without having to checkout the latest svn

In addition to the above features many bugs have been fixed of course, users never fail to provide feedback reflecting every possible environment configuration, so fixes resulting from this feedback should make the package easier to use for an even wider audience. There was also a fatal error fixed that occurred when you selected 'install translation in the DB' and then selected none, thanks to Heinrich Stoellinger for helping to debug that.

And thanks to input from Matt on IRC, Seagull now also works with MySQL 3.23, which is still very popular with hosting providers.

Upgrade instructions: well it's not point and click, you'll have to download and install the latest release in the normal way.  There are no DB changes so if you've already started developing a project the new code and schema are 100% compatible, with the exception that the 2 unique indexeson the usr table have been dropped.  When the RCs are done upgrading the Seagull core and modules via the pear command will greatly ease application maintenance.

A few new features were also added that are very useful for development:

  • in the General -> Maintenance section there is now an option to rebuild your Seagull environment, this will drop your existing database and rebuild the full environment taking into account custom modules, themes, navigation and table data, etc. A tutorial will shortly be out to help guide you through some of these RAD techniques
  • in General -> Manage Modules there is also a 'detect new modules' button, this will scan the filesystem and give you a list of unregistered modules you can add to the configuration
  • of more interest to seasoned developers, support was added to allow the registration of lists of observers to any framework event, eg, register user, so when the event is invoked all listeners are notified and dependent actions executed. See the wiki for more info .
  • custom filter chains can now be configured

With many basic bugs out of the way, the next release candidate will focus on consolidating the module fetching and install process, and the factoring out of non-essential modules and features into plugins and on-demand enhancements. Needless to says the PEAR packages will be updated to meet these demands.

Also we have some exciting new modules in the works, not quite ready yet:

  • an improved CMS
  • events and calendar management
  • comment support
  • a Seagull gallery
so stay tuned and key the feedback and contributions coming!

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