Seagull 0.6.0RC1 Released

March 11, 2006 16:05, contributed by: demian

After a 2 week sprint to the finish line, I'm pleased to announce the first release candidate for the 0.6 series of Seagull framework project is now available for download .

There's been a lot of improvements implemented under the hood, but the most noticeable change is the completely redesigned admin user interface by Julien Casanova. Curious to try before you 'buy', checkout the demo at (config edits disabled).

Although we have maintained our 1 release per month policy for most of the project's life, the last stable release was back in November 2005, and that was from the 0.4 series which started way back in the beginning of 2005 . Get more info on our release policy .

Some of the improvements you'll find in the current release are:

  • workflow and usability vastly improved with the sleek new admin GUI (Julien Casanova)
  • the Translation2 package is now fully integrated allowing for multi-language content and navigation in addition to the internationalised GUI strings (AJ Tarachanowicz)
  • navigation management vastly improved (Andrey Podshivalov and Julien)
    • subtrees of navigation for each role of user in the system
    • navigation types extended to include external links, direct links to CMS content, links to any controller/action/parameter combination, plus the new addon type which builds custom navigation from a class you specify
    • full URI aliasing support with javascript generation of search engine friendly URIs
    • customisable accessibility controls to help you ensure standards compliance in your sites
  • blocks rewritten with many new features (Andrey Podshivalov)
    • support for parametrization
    • optionally cacheable
    • support for arbitrary placement within custom templates, in other words you can build screens with flexible positioning of dynamic content
    • for blocks that require parameters, unlimited params supported (see Navigation block for an example)
    • all blocks are themable and support templating
    • blocks now bundled directly with their respective modules
    • Quickform removed
  • PEAR package maintenance support
    • you can now download and upgrade your PEAR packages from within your Seagull install, via the browser
    • Seagull core and modules are available as PEAR packages and have their own channel server
    • for best results, install Seagull core and modules from the commandline, package updates for this release due out shortly
    • browsing PEAR, Seagull or Pearified packages works, allow for long requests, installs still have a few bugs
  • URI parsing and alias support consolidated
  • flexibility improved for plugable components: template renderers, URI parsers, tasks, filters, param handlers, navigation generators, request types and themes
  • module generation tools improved, full scaffolding generated from form input (Gerald Fischer)
  • generic input filter chain functionality improved for efficiency, flexibility
  • templates moved into module directories for better coupling of linked resources, easier editing
  • we changed from the kludgy and slow FCK wysiwyg editor to TinyFCK which is about 3 times faster to render in the browser (Werner Krauss)
  • more functionality added to the templates helpers
  • Swedish, Brazilian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese translations updated
  • Timezone support from installer improved

If you haven't tried Seagull yet, now is a good time to check it out. The 0.6 series will be supported and improved throughout the coming months after which we're aiming for the 1.0 release. As the project's goals for feature completeness are now almost fully realised, there will be 1 final development cycle before we release 1.0 which we anticipate will happen in mid 2006.

If you want to get in touch with the development team you can find us on #seagull, and for all bugs/feature requests please us Trac .

A final note/disclaimer is in order. With the focus on development the documentation has begun to lag behind, this will now be addressed over the next month or so. Also, the current release only has SQL schema and data for MySQL, we're looking into MDB2_Schema to help us maintain data for other vendors. And finally, if you use MySQL 5, you will not be able to save users correctly as there is an incompatibility between this version of MySQL and DB_DataObject at the time of writing.

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