Seagull is maintained by an active community of developers who are constantly adding new features to the code and maintaining the various development branches, schemas, translations and themes. On the wiki we currently have 141 editors contributing content and 250 users signed up at the mailing lists.

Some other quick facts:

  • 100 000+ downloads since the project has been hosted on Sourceforge
  • consistently in the SF top 500 (out of 100k projects)
  • international participation with support for all the major languages
  • favourable reviews in all the major php publications
  • fast-paced development


There are currently a number of ways you can get support for Seagull:


  • read the documentation, specifically you can check out the troubleshooting and FAQ sections
  • join the general mailing list or just use the Google Groups interface
  • get some interesting project stats over at Ohloh
  • read the Wikipedia entry
  • join the LinkedIn group
  • get all the latest news and info from Seagull developers from

If you're interested in what was happening when the project started in 2003, browse the old Sourceforge mailing list archives either at MARC, Gmane

Installation Instructions

Please see the wiki for detailed installation instructions.

Bugs and Features Requests

All project management and source code tracking is handled by Trac, use this site for requesting features, reporting bugs and tracking development progress. Editing content requires a login which you can get by registering with this site, however you must login to Trac by clicking the login link at the Trac site .

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