Markdown Conversions Required for Jekyll

Install github-pages Gem

You need to install the github-pages gem and run it instead of the jekyll gem.

If you want to use GitHub Pages, remove the "gem "jekyll"" above and
uncomment the line gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins.

After this you’ll need to run bundle update.

Addressing Github Jekyll Bug

Every md file in this repo has a 4 line comment at the top, this was added at the time of the last export (years ago). You must add a blank line after the last comment line or the markdown that follows will not be parsed correctly.

Page Layouts

For a clean output and file structure please add the following header format at the top of each file. In Jekyll parlance this is the Front Matter. The page will still be addressable if you don’t you have a page layout (and a value for permalink), however both MD and html output files will be generated so it’s messy. Please use Front Matter headers of the following format:

layout: page
title: How to setup a Virtual Host in Apache
permalink: /Installation/SettingUpApacheVirtualHosts.html

Fixing TOCs


Indicate Page Status

The best way I can come up with to indicate a page’s status is adding relevant info to the comments section, all wiki pages have this at the top of the file. Please add one of the following status comments as a new line underneath existing comments when you update a page:

<!-- Status: Updated -->
<!-- Status: In Progress -->
<!-- Status: Original -->
  • they used to use Image() macro
  • they are technically attachments from Trac
  • they’ve been migrates to /images folder
  • a folder was implicitly generated for them by Trac, so the hierarchy must be respected
  • i.e., this is the Trac markup [[Image(plesk_config.jpg, nolink)]]
  • and this is the updated markup /images/Installation/plesk_config.jpg, using img markdown
  • old: browser:/branches/0.6-bugfix/etc/customInstallDefaults.ini.dist
  • intermediate: gitlink:/branches/0.6-bugfix/etc/customInstallDefaults.ini.dist
  • new: valid github link // real link once I get source uploaded


Start with



Local Jekyll will parse a list fine however Jekyll running on Github will not create list items unless you have a blank line before the start of your list.


  • The characters three open curly braces or three closed curly braces will cause a Jekyll parse error and kill the whole site, please make sure you remove these. They are used for escaping code so preferably use two single apostrophes instead.
  • you cannot use a colon (:) in the Front Matter title attribute

Correctly Linking Files


replace with


Trac wiki attachments


replace with




was changed to



  • Kramdown syntax