Preparing PEAR Packages

One of the formats Seagull is currently available in is as a PEAR package. For more info on how to install PEAR packages see Using the PEAR package manager.

To create PEAR package for your Seagull modules follow these basics:

  • get more info on the PEAR package format
  • check out the package builder script [gitlink:trunk/etc/generatePearPackageXml.php]
  • create your own release notes for $notes
  • modify the script’s listing of all the dependencies on PEAR libs you may have added/removed
  • it’s easiest to work with an exported version of Seagull, ie, no svn folders
  • specify the path to the directory where your module can be found, in $packagedir
  • modify the location and roles of any files you may have changed
  • call the generate script from a web browser with a ‘make’ parameter, ie, http://localhost/myProject/etc/generatePearPackageXml.php?make (or you can call from CLI)
  • this will create a package2.xml file in the root of your module folder
  • at the commandline, in the module’s root folder, with the PEAR binary in your path, type

    $ pear package package2.xml

That’s all there is too it. The resulting .tgz archive can be uploaded to any correctly configured PEAR channel server.